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Injuries from auto accidents can be very serious. This is true even when there does not appear to be significant “crash damage or deformation” to the vehicles. Often, in front-end, rear-end or “T-bone” collision impacts, where the spine (neck, mid and low back) undergo a hyper-extension (backward motion) and flexion (forward motion) in less than a second in time (i.e. whiplash), the victim can sustain injury to the spinal discs, vertebral segments (dislocation), facet joints, and the ligaments and muscles that hold the vertebral column together. Injuries to the discs in the neck (cervical region) and low back (lumbar region) can result in nerve compression to the central cord or the exiting nerves roots that serve the arms and legs. This can result in pain (shooting pain) in the arms, wrists, hands, hips and legs (sciatic pain). This “radiating pain” indicates nerve root irritation, encroachment and/or compression that can be very painful and physically debilitating. When an older person is victimized, that person may have pre-existing arthritic conditions in the spine (spinal stenosis, disc bulging or protrusions) that make this person even more vulnerable to nerve damage and chronic pain in a vehicle collision.

Another typical injury that can occur in an auto accident whiplash injury case is concussion to the brain. This condition (sometimes called “mild traumatic brain injury” or “MTBI”) can result when the brain rebounds inside the skull on impact of the two vehicles (often complicated by deploying airbags). A similar response is found in the so-called shaken baby syndrome. Common symptoms of concussion include headaches, memory loss, mood swings, fatigue, intellectual dullness, rapid mood swings with waxing and waning energy levels, irritability, low frustration threshold, intolerance to bright light, difficulty focusing vision, vertigo, anxiety and sleep disturbances. Taken individually, such impairments may not amount to much. In many cases, the impairments are widespread and disrupt many brain systems. The overall effect can be profoundly disabling and in some cases become permanent in nature.

Chronic pain is another condition (very often a permanent condition in spine cases resulting in surgical repair and fusion) that can occur in an auto accident that is not well understood by the insurance industry. Attorney Alan L. Pitcaithley can help you articulate and “quantify” pain and suffering (and loss and enjoyment of life) – an extremely important and compensable element of every personal injury claim.

Some of the types of accidents we can assist you with include:

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