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Financial, Physical And Emotional Elder Abuse

An elder person can be victimized financially, emotionally and physically. It’s not unusual in some cases for all of these things to happen at the same time. Taking advantage of, or abusing, a vulnerable elder adult is a vicious act. It is a crime. There are civil remedies. The elderly population is growing due to advances in medicine and advanced life expectancy. The longer a person lives the greater the chance there is for mental confusion, memory loss, and a lack of mental competency (dementia). This can make an elder person an easy target for an abusive, overreaching family member or family or professional caretaker. Often, there is a failure to address these circumstances due to lack of family support and/or family embarrassment and sham. Sometimes these problems are viewed as insurmountable.

Helping Clients In Difficult Times And Circumstances

Attorney Alan L. Pitcaithley has helped many people whose loved ones have been victimized in these situations. Some examples of abusive and neglectful behaviors, and the signs these behaviors are taking place are outlined below:

Financial Abuse – Exploitation

  • “Borrowing money” from the elder adult with no intention (or ability) of paying it back.
  • Asking an elder adult for the password on a debit card and then taking the card and using it at an ATM.
  • Forging the elder adult’s name on bank checks.
  • Unduly influencing the elder adult to change a will or trust instrument or to sign a deed to real property.
  • Stealing cash money from the elder adult.
  • Unduly influencing the elder adult to invest in a “business venture”.

Physical Abuse – Neglect

  • Striking, threatening or physically intimidating an elder adult.
  • Use of physical restraints on an elder adult.
  • Failing to provide the necessaries of life to an elder adult.
  • Forcing the elder adult to live in uninhabitable or filthy premises.

Emotional Abuse Neglect

  • Infliction of pain or distress on an elder adult through insults, threats, intimidation, humiliation, or harassment.
  • Depriving an elder adult from having contact with friends and family members.
  • Depriving an elder adult of communications with friends and family members (telephone and mail).
  • Depriving an elder adult of having social contact with others.

Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Elderly residents of nursing homes are typically frail and vulnerable. They are dependent on nursing home staff for their food, housing and health needs. Nevertheless, many nursing homes are failing to meet these needs. Many nursing home employees are underpaid and poorly trained. Many nursing homes do not have adequate staffing. There can be a problem with overmedicating residents or a lack of proper concern or attention given to residents. Doctors working in these facilities have no prior doctor-patient relationship with the resident and do not know the residents, or the resident’s medical history. These doctors can be overworked. These are some of the more obvious conditions that can lead to abuse and neglect of an elderly resident in a nursing home.

Signs or symptoms of physical, emotional and even sexual abuse occurring in a nursing home include:

  • Reports of abuse by the elder nursing home resident.
  • Bedsores, open infections, lack of cleanliness and proper attire.
  • Medication overdose, lack of response or communicative skills.
  • Lack of medication, increased blood pressure, heart rate.
  • Refusal of the caretaker to allow visitation.
  • Bruises, black eyes, welts, broken bones or other unexplained injuries.
  • Unusual behaviors, emotional upset, withdrawal, fearful behavior.
  • Venereal disease or genital infections.
  • Genital or anal pain, bruising, or bleeding.

Any one of the above circumstances should be reported to the police and the Adult Protective Services in your area. Attorney Alan L. Pitcaithley can help you locate elder assist resources and initiate legal proceedings to stop and prevent these abusive behaviors from harming the elder adult you love. For help, contact Attorney Alan L. Pitcaithley.