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Seek The Right Legal Help – An Attorney Who Understands The Medical – Legal Issues Of Your Case And Your Injury

Insurance adjusters are not well trained on the medical-legal issues that are presented in most motor vehicle accident cases. The insurance adjuster will often look to the damage to the vehicle as a method to “gage” the severity of the claimed injury. The reality is that competent medical doctors and spine specialists (including well qualified chiropractic practitioners) do not look at photographs of damaged vehicles to make a diagnosis. Competent medical providers rely on past medical history, clinical examination and objective diagnostic tests (x-ray, MRI, nerve conduction studies, etc.) Overcoming this peculiar insurance industry “mentality” can be a challenge when it shouldn’t be.

From his years of experience handling these kinds of cases, Attorney Alan L. Pitcaithley understands the biomechanics of injury and how crash (or collision) energy acts on the body (head – spine) and surrounding tissues. Proving injury from the impact of the vehicles can be challenging. Proving “pain and suffering” is an extremely important part of any personal injury case. You need an attorney who understands the medical aspects of these kinds of cases. We can help. Contact Attorney Alan Pitcaithley. The initial consultation is free.

Insurance Concerns – How To Best Present Your Case

From his previous service as insurance defense counsel, Attorney Alan L. Pitcaithley understands the perspective of the insurance company in the “loss adjustment” of personal injury claims. In an adversarial system, dealing with insurance adjusters and insurance defense attorneys requires deliberation, patience, persistence, organization and a willingness to let the legal system take its course. It also requires money to fight. In the right circumstance, Mr. Pitcaithley can secure money needed to hire expert witnesses and to pay for the substantial costs of a jury trial.

Mr. Pitcaithley does not operate a “settlement mill”. Mr. Pitcaithley gives personal attention to each and every one of his cases in order to achieve the best possible outcome. We can help. Contact Attorney Alan Pitcaithley. The initial consultation is free.