Past Verdicts & Settlements

Set out below are just a few examples of the results achieved by Mr. Pitcaithley and his associates in automobile collision and premises liability cases. Each verdict or settlement obtained was a result of the specific facts in each case:


  • Retired 65 year old male involved in low speed head-on collision resulting in cervical spine disc/vertebral segment injury requiring fusion. Result: $850,000.00 recovery.
  • Retired Male, age 64, suffered whiplash injury resulting in severe neck and low back injury with resulting lumbar fusion. Result: $245,000.00 recovery.
  • Female, age 61, involved in broadside auto collision in intersection in El Cajon suffers herniated cervical disc required surgical fusion. Result: $230,000.00 recovery
  • Male, age 65, with pre-existing lumbar fusions involved in low speed T-bone collision resulting in neck, mid and low back whiplash injuries. Result: $186,000.00
  • Young married couple involved in highway head-on collision suffer mild neck and back whiplash injury, and severe emotional distress. Result: $135,300.00 combined recovery.
  • Female, age 28, suffers right wrist fracture requiring surgery as a result of side impact collision with negligent driver. Result: $115,000.00 recovery.
  • Male, age 62, hit on motorcycle by vehicle in El Cajon intersection suffering sever injury to lower legs. Result: Policy limits recovery of $100,000.00.
  • Two vehicle freeway exit ramp collision resulting in death of 21 year old female. Result: $100,000.00 recovery (policy limits)
  • Retired Male, age 62, suffered whiplash injury to neck and low back in illegal -U- turn T-bone collision. Result: $100,000.00 recovery (policy limits)
  • Retired Male, age 64, hit broadside by garbage truck in intersection resulting in death. Result: $150,000.00 (policy limits)
  • Male, age 50, involved in rear-end auto collision in San Diego with resulting cervical hernia disc treated without surgery. Result: $85,000.00
  • Male, age 48, carpenter involved in three vehicle rear end auto collision resulting in whiplash injury to low back with resulting wage loss. Result: $85,000.00 recovery
  • Female, age 55, involved in rear end freeway collision with uninsured driver suffers whiplash injury to cervical spine. Result: $85,000.00 recovery on Uninsured Motorist Policy
  • Male, age 48, involved in T-bone collision suffered whiplash neck injury and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Result: $60,000.00 recovery
  • Male, age 22, back seat passenger, not wearing seat belt, involved in head-on collision suffered whiplash neck injury and concussion: Result: $62,500.00 recovery.
  • Male, age 45, suffers neck, back, shoulder, and facial soft tissue injuries when he is struck on his bicycle by a negligent driver. Result: $50,000.00 recovery.
  • Female, age 60, involved in low speed head-on collision sustained whiplash injury to neck and low back. Result: $50,000.00 recovery.
  • Female, age 66, suffers blunt force trauma from safety belt as passenger in broadside collision in Lakeside, suffers ruptured spleen. Result: $65,000.00 policy limits including Underinsured Motorist coverage.
  • Female, age 28, suffers whiplash injuries to neck and back in rear-end auto collision in Mission Valley. Result: $54,300.00
  • Female sisters, ages 18 and 21, sustain mild whiplash injuries when rear-ended by drunk driver on freeway in Los Angeles. Result: $51,000.00 combined recovery.
  • Male, age 21, suffers closed head injury (concussion) and whiplash injury to neck in T-bone collision at intersection. Result: $48,500.00
  • Male, age 43, suffers whiplash injuries to neck and back in rear-end auto collision. Result: $52,000.00 recovery.
  • Female minor, age 15, suffers bruises and contusions, and left ankle non-displaced fracture (casted without surgery) when, while walking near the sidewalk, she is struck by a slow moving vehicle. Result: $35,590.00
  • Multiple other whiplash neck and low back injury automobile collisions resulting in recoveries ranging from $10,000.00 to $40,000.00.


  • Female, age 30, fell from unprotected stage during a job fair and sustained fractured ankle with resulting chronic pain (RSD): Recovery: $1,100,000.00 structured settlement.
  • 38 Buyers of homes in new housing development sue for construction defects, water intrusion and mold damage. Result: $2,750,000.00 recovery.
  • Male, age 38, suffers burn injury to left lower leg in boiler room. Result: $400,000.00 recovery.
  • Elder female, age 75, trips/falls over carton in supermarket aisle, sustaining neck injury. Result: $210,000.00 recovery.
  • Elder female, age 70, living in senior housing apartment complex falls over carpet during flooring repair injuring hip / knee. Recovery: $50,000.00 (Policy Limits).
  • 32 Buyers of homes in new housing development sue for construction defects, water intrusion and mold damage. Result: $1,200,000.00 recovery.
  • Female, age 29, falls on stairway with no handrail in San Francisco apartment and suffers herniated disc requiring surgery (property owner uninsured): Result: $80,000.00 recovery from property owner (Chinese Nationals)
  • Male, age 48, carpenter injured by falling railing on charter fishing boat suffers aggravation of pre-existing neck fusion. Result: $55,000.00 recovery
  • Shop keeper sustains property damage fire loss due to electrical short in out of code electrical box. Result: $60,000.00 recovery
  • Condominium owner suffers water intrusion due to failure of HOA to make repairs. Result: $ 110,000.00 recovery.
  • Female, age 50, attacked and bitten by dog while hiking in Alpine suffering neck and back injuries and minor bite wound to right leg. Result: $40,000.00
  • Multiple dog and animal attack cases with recoveries ranging between $17,000.00 and $135,000.00.
  • Female, age 40, suffers bacterial infection resulting from cat bite wound. Result: $33,500.00.

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